Which level of screws are right for me?


We at MILLERCAT do not mess around when it comes to security and that certainly applies to our screws and security keys. We only have TWO LEVELS of protection, BETTER and BEST. Every Cat Shield comes standard with our BETTER LEVEL protection.

BETTER LEVEL. Perfect for most people, our Better Level is more secure than most people's best level of protection. That is because our Better Level comes with patented tamper-proof screws. What this means is that no one can buy these screws or keys online or at your local hardware store. Rest assured a thief cannot just bring their torx bit keys and try to take off the shield. We source our screws from a highly reputable security company and have an exclusive contract with them. 

BEST LEVEL. For those who want to go the extra mile, we developed a proprietary custom screw and key for those who want the ultimate level of protection. This asymmetric design is etched with our MILLERCAT name on each screw.

No detail is overlooked when it comes to developing the most advanced and secure protection devices. We are committed to using as many local suppliers as possible and supporting other small businesses. You can trust in the quality and source of our hardware.

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If both options are patented tamper screws (i.e.: screw needs a bit only provided by you anyways), what is the difference? What makes the more expensive screws better than the standard tamper screws you provide?

Fernando Toledo

I purchased “best level” screw set. Could anyone who has ordered these use their key to remove my shield? Or are there multiple versions of the key?


Do you need to remove the shield every time the oil needs to be changed?

Joshua Barnard

I have a 1998 Toyota tacoma.will yir shield fit my truck?


Hi Ed, every MillerCAT Cat Shield comes with the security bit you need to remove it. If you buy your shield at an installer, make sure to ask for the key. Otherwise, every shield is sent out with the necessary hardware you need.

MillerCAT Corp

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