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29 Sep 2021 0 Comments


When you purchase a Miller Cat Cat Shield™ you will know that it comes from a company that is 100% committed to fighting catalytic converter theft and is doing so with world class manufacturing capabilities and conscientiously supporting as many domestic suppliers as possible. We've invested millions of dollars in building the next level of converter protection devices that far exceed the capabilities of any other manufacturer out there. Our Amada EML 2515 AJ is one of the most sophisticated and powerful punch laser combo machines in the world. Not only can we cut pieces faster and more accurately than anyone else, we can have more sophisticated formed features in our products.


Our Amada HRB 1003 Press Brake will help lead the next generation of products for vehicles that require 3D shapes due to the position of the their catalytic converters. Larger vehicles like trucks and vans and older vehicles with exposed underbody converters will require new solutions that our newest machines will solve.  

Go and ask any company out there where they make their shields and you will hear two answers. They either outsource their manufacturing to another company or they import it cheaply from overseas. We are the only company willing to make an investment in building the best shields for today and tomorrow. We are the only company that solely dedicates our machines to the Cat Shield line of products giving us a high degree of quality control.

Trust your catalytic converter to the one true manufacturer of Cat Shields.

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