Introducing the Deadbolt


Don't let this happen to you. We have been receiving reports of thieves finding ways to bypass traditional thieves and after extensive research and design we have come up with the best way to counter new tactics. The Prius gen 1 and 2 (2001-2009) are susceptible to having their front converters removed by the most knowledgeable thieves. Therefore we highly recommend this upgrade for every Gen 1 and Gen 2 owner. We see theft happening on the national level and while some places might not have thieves cutting this pipe off, there is a high chance that they will switch to this tactic and remove your converter. See the image below that demonstrates how the thieves prefer to remove your converter. Thieves will have a hard time removing your converter if they have to defeat out Deadbolt!


Our goal in designing the Deadbolt was to create a product that would protect the most valuable converter (the front converter is worth the most because of its high precious metal content) from being sawed off or removed by the spring bolts. Without the ability to remove the front converter, a thief may be deterred from stealing the rear converter because of the rear converter's lower resale value. The thief who confronts a Deadbolt will have to calculate whether it's worth the time and risk to remove just the rear converter. Even if a thief is able to cut off the shield, they won't be able to access the spring bolts to remove the front converter because of our security screw. It is simply the best product to protect your most valuable converter.

Our product fits seamlessly with your vehicle without any modifications to protect the most vulnerable of areas of the converter. Here are some of the highlights.

- Fits perfectly inside your manifold flange and uses your existing spring bolts.

- Made from hardened 304 stainless steel for the ultimate protection.

- Designed with a security screw to prevent thieves from removing the front converter by restricting access to the spring bolt.

If you have a current MILLERCAT Cat Shield™ you have the ability to remove your existing shield and add this for the ultimate protection. This is the added benefit of having a removable shield. 

Similar to using your deadbolt on your front door, our Deadbolt will give you that added peace and assurance of doing all you can do to protect your converters.  

Can the deadbolt be used without a shield? No, you would not want to use the deadbolt alone. It is only effective when paired with a shield. 

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