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City offers assistance to residence to buy Cat Shields

10 Oct 2022 0 Comments

The City of Lake Forest, CA. Helping residences protect their catalytic converters.

Some cities have had enough and are doing something real to protect their residence from catalytic converter theft. The City of Lake Forest, California is offering gift cards to residence for purchasing and installing shields from local installers. 

(link here)

Miller CAT applauds this effort because shields are one of the best deterrence out there to protect your vehicle from theft. We hope programs like these will encourage residents to be proactive and give them the confidence to drive and park their vehicles again.


We highly recommend investing in the best converter protection devices on the market. Our stainless steel shields are the strongest shields available. The 304 stainless steel outperforms other metals and burns out the strongest sawzall blades and sawzalls on the market. Most aluminum shields are great for a visual deterrence, but do not perform anywhere close to the stainless steel. 

Additionally, those with a 2004-2009 Toyota Prius need to be aware that thieves are getting around the old style flat 2D shields. Thieves have found a way around the shields and are cutting off converters and not touching the shields. At Miller CAT we designed a product called the Deadbolt that prevents this from happening. Our new version (version 2) of the 2004-2009 Prius shields not only come with the Deadbolt, but are also designed to be installed without any drilling! 

As more cities step up to protect their residents, thieves will also look for ways to defeat the more primitive first generation shields out there. We at Miller CAT are committed to restoring your peace of mind and guarding your investments.

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