The Miller CAT Advantage

Why choose us?

The catalytic converter anti-theft product market is growing, but there is a reason why we are the only shield manufacturer that is a part of Toyota's Associated Products program, making our products available nation-wide to every Toyota dealership. Trust your car to the catalytic converter experts. We've been in the catalytic converter manufacturing industry for over 30 years and bring that expertise in designing the best converter protection device on the market.

Our Expertise

Our engineers have tested every design to ensure the best fitment, minimal noise and vibration, and no noticeable temperature changes underneath the car. Hours of testing, continual investment in R&D, and a reliable supply chain of the highest quality hardware help us stand above and beyond the competition. In addition, our Cat Shields™ come with the unparalleled customer service and support. Detailed instruction videos and manuals and responsiveness to questions and inquiries will help you through your research, buying experience, and ownership of our Cat Shield™.

  • Design. While there are variations of shields out there, every corner, hole, and louver is designed with specific intentions. For example, even our holes in the Gen 2 were marked to fit perfectly into the dimples of the subframe. Why? Because by doing this our shield will sit flush with the vehicle and not create uneven gaps between the shield and car.

  • Security. Our shields use tamper-proof screws to hold your shield in place and allow you to take it off when you need to. What does tamper-proof mean? It means no one will have the security bit to take off the shield and you won’t find it at any hardware store. But for anyone needing to take it to the next level, we offer our own proprietary screw and key for the ultimate protection.

  • Quality. We choose only the highest quality hardware for our Cat Shield™. All hardware is stainless steel and is sourced from domestic suppliers. Only our rivet nuts are not stainless, but they are zinc-coated, which was specifically chosen to protect the shield and vehicle against galvanic corrosion.

  • Fitment. We test all our products on every model of Prius. We use spacers and rubber dampeners on some of our applications to ensure your shield fits right and doesn’t cause rattling, noise, and vibration. We guarantee the best fitment and caution you from other products that are known to hit the exhaust and converter. We are the only manufacturer that is willing and able to make a Cat Shield™ for the Prius V and Prius C that will fit correctly and not rattle.

  • Convenience. Need to remove the shield to work on your vehicle or just wanting to avoid scrutiny from dealers? You can take ours off without professional help and put it back on without damaging the shield or vehicle. But you may just want to keep it on and show it off too. Just know that dealers install and prefer our shields because of the liabilities and warranty when you permanently attach a device with something like rivets.

  • Commitment. We are here to protect your vehicle and keep you satisfied. We already make the best shields out there, but we will never stop exploring ways to improve our products.

For more information on how we prevent overheating of the underbody of the vehicle, how we prevent galvanic rust/corrosion, and other technical questions, visit our FAQ page or email us.