Catalytic Converter Theft in Minnesota

We know the nationwide problem of catalytic converter theft. Just this November, search, seizures, and arrests led to an indictment of those connected to a catalytic converter theft ring. The U.S. Department of Justice charged 21 people in various states, including Minnesota, for purchasing stolen catalytic converters and selling them to a metal refinery, bringing in over $500 million dollars. Criminals target catalytic converters for their precious metals and high black market value. Thieves can quickly get under a car, cut the catalytic converter, and take off in roughly 30 seconds. Because of the ease and high value, catalytic converter theft is an increasingly popular crime for criminals.    

What Vehicles are at Risk of Catalytic Converter Theft in Minnesota?

Although any car manufactured after the 1975 model year is at risk, certain vehicles show greater risk of catalytic converter theft in Minnesota. The top 15 vehicles criminals target include:

Owners in Minnesota of the vehicles listed above can get a catalytic converter marketing label from participating community organizations, businesses, and law enforcement agencies at no charge through the Catalytic Converter Pilot program aimed at preventing catalytic converter theft. You can learn more about this program below. 

Actions Against Catalytic Converter Theft


The State of Minnesota has created a program to offset the number of catalytic converter theft cases. One such program is the Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention Pilot Program initiated by the Minnesota Legislature in 2021 and administered by The Commerce Fraud Bureau. The program registers catalytic converters with a unique number and links to the specified vehicle so law enforcement can easily trace a stolen catalytic converter. The label and installation are free. Residents can receive the CATGUARD Label Solution marking kit through the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Crime Prevention Unit or, if outside of Ramsey County, the following auto shops and law enforcement agencies can help. 

Protect Your Investment

How do you prevent catalytic converter theft in Minnesota? To improve your odds and protect your investment, we advise installing a catalytic converter protection device in Minnesota. MillerCAT’s Cat Shield™ offers car owners the highest level of deterrence and protection. Shop the line of Cat Shield™ by MillerCAT products and regain your peace of mind.