MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Prius Gen 4 Cat Shield™
MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Prius Gen 4 Cat Shield™
MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Prius Gen 4 Cat Shield™
MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Prius Gen 4 Cat Shield™
MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Prius Gen 4 Cat Shield™

MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Prius Gen 4 Cat Shield™

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The Gen 4 Cat Shield™ is the only completely drill-less shield for the Gen 4 Prius. The shield uses existing mounting points so you will not have to drill into the vehicle. Fits all Gen 4 Prius without needing to buy additional parts. The shield is completely flush with the underbody that it looks like it came directly from the factory. Fully removable and galvanic corrosion resistant. 

304 stainless steel version availableStainless vs Aluminum

Material: 14 Gauge Premium Grade 5052 Aluminum 

Fits all 2016-2022 Prius Liftback and Prius Prime Trims with OEM converters. Comes with Cat Shield, installation hardware, Cat Shield Protected sticker, and detailed installation guide. 

Upgrade Options: MILLERCAT Custom Screw Kit. Info on screw options

REQUIRED TOOLS FOR INSTALLATION. 5/16" bit driver or 5/16" socket, 10mm socket, 12mm socket, 13mm wrench, and panel fastener removal tool or flat head screw driver. Installation Guide

FREE SHIPPING IN THE CONTINENTAL US! Orders received by 1:00PM PST will ship same day.  Info on expedited shipping options.

* Item may have some surface finish imperfections.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Antony Atchison
Millercat gen 4 shield

Awesome product easy to install no drilling on vehicle required great deterrent

Re: Overpriced an underwhelming

Not a review, but a comment on a review...
Perhaps the included spacers can have preinstalled double stick adhesive, so the spacer can be positioned/placed on the shield prior to install; then the installer won't have hold the spacers while aligning the shield. I have two generations of Prius/Prime PlugIn vehicles; looking for a shield. I like the stainless steel version. For the Prime, the solid appearance of the aluminum louvered vents looks great, better than the stainless version; I assume it's not easy to stamp the stainless steel with the same louvers? Still looking? Any coupons? Thanks!

Hello, thanks for your comment. The stainless steel PG4s now come with stamped louvers. We are moving all our shields to our new state-of-the-art punch laser and will move all our shields to this new production line.

M. Hines
2017 Prius cat security cover

Great product. Catylitic converter theft on prius’ is high where I live. This is a great piece of mind. It shipped quickly and was easily installed locally

Excellent product except for the BETTER LEVEL protection screws

Upgrade screw option description states "Every Cat Shield comes standard with our BETTER LEVEL protection". Website photo of BETTER LEVEL protection shows 6 tamper proof screws. Package only came with 2 tamper proof and rest were non-tamper proof. Maybe I misinterpreted the photos but I was a little disappointed. Making at least 4 of the screws tamper proof instead of just 2 would make most customer feel the product is even more secure I think.

Thank you for your purchase and review. The reason there weren't more tamper-proof screws included in this version is because 4 flange bolts are covered by the underbody panel. It is difficult to access these bolts and very hard to install tamper-proof screws in such a tight space. It was therefore determined not to use the screws here and adding another tool to take off the shield only increases the difficulty in removing the shield. The image you saw was an example of the screw types and not a picture of the hardware that is included. We will look to address this confusion but removing the image. Thank you.

Stephen Feher
Overpriced and underwhelming

When the shield arrived I was impressed by the high price of some low cost materials. When I went to install it, the foam rubber insulators were clearly very old, as the paper covering the adhesive was so stuck on that it would not come off, requiring me to use some other rubber stripping I happened to have on hand. Then the installation; the instructions were misleading, making it appear simpler and easier than it was. When I removed the cross brace and then attempted to reinstall it, with the spacers and the shield, it was impossible to balance everything and get four moving things to coordinate so one could get the bolt into the place it needed to be. In addition, moving things meant that one could not have the spacers in place, so one needed to put them in one after the other, requiring one to have tiny hands and fingers. I used electrical tape to hold the brace in place, and then to hold the spacers in place, then was able to put in the bolts. After that everything went OK. I think the instructions could/should be much clearer. Probably the most valuable thing about the whole package is the stickers one can attach to windows. They probably are a bigger deterrent than the actual shield, which is quite flimsy.

We are sorry to hear about your experience. We would like to point out that professional installation is recommended for all our shields if the owner is uncertain about the install. We also have install videos from us and other users on our website to see how to do it. Our Gen 4 is the easiest and most cost efficient product on the market the Gen 4 and can be installed by most DIYers. We do not require any special tools, additional parts, or drilling/riveting.

Our hardware is anything but cheap. We source from as many domestic suppliers as much as possible and our foam is not just any foam you might have laying around. This is high quality EPDM foam that is temperature rated for automotive applications and is a high density foam for longevity. To separate the foam from the paper, you have to pull the edges apart at the corners.

We do not believe our shields are flimsy, but if you had any reservations, we do offer a stainless steel version of this shield too. But we do appreciate your comment on the instructions. We are working on that and also working with installers to post their videos too.