Lexus CT 200h, the latest Cat Shield™

Lexus CT 200h, the latest Cat Shield™


Introducing our latest Cat Shield™ for the Lexus CT 200h. Similar in features to the Prius V, there are distinct differences in the fitment of this shield. By using 304 stainless steel and laser welding, we were able to create additional coverage and clearance for the shield, which was needed to reduce any noise and vibration. The result is the strongest shield ever made.


We know catalytic converter theft impacts many different vehicles and we are doing our best to come out with new products as soon as we can. Our promise to you is that you can be assured that you are getting the most tested, engineered, and advanced anti-theft device on the market. In a future post we will share about our step-by-step design process and how we learn something new each time we build a shield.


When choosing a converter protection device, always ask yourselves if the company knows what they are doing. These days you will see a lot of companies try to offer solutions without understanding the principles of thermal heat, converter operating temperatures, galvanic corrosion, ventilation, and material selection. Ask if they have an expertise in catalytic converters, if they actually manufacturer their own parts (or if they outsource all of it), and if they know how thoroughly test a product in any and every situation. 


-MillerCAT Corp, a name you can trust
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