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Dealer Direct Protective Upgrade Options for Toyota and Lexus Customers

16 Nov 2022 0 Comments

With the rapid increase in catalytic converter theft among hybrid and luxury vehicles, Toyota and Lexus customers can now enjoy new security upgrade options and accessories for protecting their new automobile purchase. This, in combination with point of purchase accessorizing, makes it easier for customers to outfit their vehicle to their specifications, including on and off road accessories that were previously only available as aftermarket. 

Toyota and Lexus announced an Associated Accessory Products (AAP) program

Dealer Direct Protective Upgrade Options for Toyota and Lexus Customers

Earlier this month in a press release, Toyota and Lexus announced an Associated Accessory Products (AAP) program. This new and innovative program brings many renowned and respected accessory brands, such as Yakima, ARB, and Go Rhino, and also includes MillerCat protective Cat Shield™ products in its lineup. We are proud and excited to be a part of this exclusive program and help Toyota and Lexus customers reduce catalytic converter theft and protect their investments. 

MillerCat Cat Shields™ provide optimum protection against theft and give drivers the confidence to drive and park their vehicle again. Using the highest quality materials, such as 304 stainless steel, and the latest state-of-the-art machines and technologies, our Cat Shield™ products are a game changer and offer vehicle owners peace of mind against catalytic converter theft

304 Stainless Steel Cat Shield

With the AAP program, customers can now select the MillerCat Cat Shield™ option when building their vehicle at or package this option, along with any other accessories, such as Rigid Industries high-performance fog lights or Yakima rooftop tents, when financing their automobile purchase at the dealership. Toyota and Lexus dealerships will handle the installation, making it easier than ever for car owners to customize and protect their purchase.

What customers are saying about Cat Shield™ by MillerCAT:


The tech who installed mine said it was the first theft prevention, not theft deterrent that he had seen. He was very impressed with it.

Amazing Product!

I just had the MillerCat installed and the technician said it was the best built unit he has seen. With a parent who had a catalytic converter stolen from their driveway. I am excited to get this product on my car and stop worrying about where I park it.

No more sweatin’ it!!

Best purchase for that added security of not having my cat stolen. I had it installed and the mechanic didn’t have to drill any holes into the frame. He said it was the best one out there for the protection.

Complete package!

According to my Toyota dealership, this shield is perfect. Fits well and easy to install. There is no rattling and I feel more confident about parking in public spaces.

Just Get It.

Someone tried to steal my CatConverters yesterday. They hopped out of their car, popped their Sawzall out the trunk... a few minutes later they drove away dissapointed. Definitely worth the investment. Seeing it on camera was super weird.


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