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Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Prius Gen 4 Cat Shield™

Stainless Steel MILLERCAT 2016-2022 Prius Gen 4 Cat Shield™


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Choose a Security Screw Kit for your Cat Shield™


Fits all 2016-2022 Prius Liftback and Prius Prime Trims with OEM converters. Comes with Cat Shield, installation hardware, Cat Shield Protected sticker, and detailed installation guide. 

Our 304 Stainless Steel Gen 4 Cat Shield™ is our first completely drill-less shield. It uses existing mounting points so you will not have to drill into the vehicle and will not need to buy any extra parts to install it. The shield is completely flush with the underbody that it looks like it came directly from the factoryFully removable, galvanic corrosion resistant and made from the strongest, hardest material in the market.

* Strongest material in the market. Made completely out of 304 stainless steel, you can feel the strength and difference. We've tested our shields against the top of the line blades (Diablo carbide tip) and sawzalls (Milwaukee) and the blades all failed to make any progress against our shield!

Upgrade Options: MILLERCAT Custom Screw Kit. Info on screw options

REQUIRED TOOLS FOR INSTALLATION. 5/16" bit driver or 5/16" socket, 10mm socket, 12mm socket, 13mm wrench, and panel fastener removal tool or flat head screw driver. Installation Guide

Stainless vs Aluminum


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We do NOT guarantee our product against theft. Cat Shields are a deterrence device that is meant to discourage theft and/or make it more difficult for thieves to steal your converter. Given the right tools, technique or time, a thief can still take your converter. However, by having a shield, you are significantly increasing your protection against theft. Similar to a car or home alarm, you are making thieves second guess themselves and consider moving onto another target. Deterrence works and we have countless customer accounts and video evidence that converter theft stopped (for those with repeated theft) or thieves looked and moved on to other vehicles. 


There is a 30 day return policy window for unused products. Please visit this link for more information.

*We do ask that customers carefully make their purchases and reduce the possibility of returns as much as possible. Help us reduce the carbon footprint of these shields as they are large and expensive to ship.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Nancy Yung
2022 Prius Shield

This is my 3rd cat shield. Previously had one installed on my 2016 Prius and my 2021 Taco. I still have my original converter on each vehicle and I just keep buying the same brand because they do the job well.

Robert Dunn

Installed by my dealer thanks

Cat Shield

Very easy to install. Came 2 days after the order being placed.

Jim S
Great Quality, Fitment, and Easy Install

With no experience with other cat shields, I can say that the R & D into fitment was thorough, and the MillerCAT shield fit perfectly without any modifications required. Great selection in material and thickness, and hardware. Installation was straightforward and understandable to anyone with mechanical aptitude. I think I spent more time figuring out how to get the front lifted up. (Prius Prime sits pretty low, and my floor jack wouldn't clear the underbody plastic without first jacking up at the appropriate pinch welds on the side. Once up in the air, installation was fairly quick.
Would have liked to have:
-the standard hex head bolts that were supplied to be a security fastener of some sort.
-the shield design to allow the head of the hex head bolts to not be proud of the plane of the shield itself, for a smoother underbelly.

Also, 2 lockwashers were missing from the hardware bag.

Snug fit

- easy to install for an amateur like me.
- install time is at most 1 hour.
- applying the included vibration dampening foam removes any potential rattling.

- the splash shield needs to be disconnected to install and is fastened by 2 plastic retainer clips. it's possible for the clips to break while extracting, but it's a common occurrence. I recommend having a few spare clips available to replace should they break.
- I raised my gen 4 prius using ramps. it gave me enough clearance to crawl under there, but it was still too cramped to work comfortably (about 6 inches of clearance to work with).