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MILLERCAT 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra | 2008-2022 Sequoia Cat Shield™

MILLERCAT 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra | 2008-2022 Sequoia Cat Shield™


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Drive Train

Protect your Toyota Tundra 4WD | 2WD and Sequoia 4WD | 2WD with our Cat Shield™. Our three piece design is a drill-less installation that provides the best deterrence on the market. Our shield will work with TRD Skid Plates. The 3/16" aluminum offers the highest level of protection (settle for nothing thinner) and weight savings versus other metals for your Tundra. We look at every detail of our products to make sure you are protected! Will fit 4.0L, 4.6L, and 5.7L Engines sizes.


Cat Shield Metal Material: 3/16" Premium Grade 5052 Aluminum

Add-On Options: 

Rear Wing Add-onThe installation of the Rear Shield (x2) add-on provides complete protection for all four converters for your Toyota Tundra 4WD.

AVK TOOL Installation tool Add-On : This highly recommended tool will help with the installation of your 2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Cat Shield so you will no longer need to raise the transmission for installation. This tool is not meant to be used for multiple products as it will lose it's effectiveness after every installation.

 - We use tamper-proof screws in all our mounting points. 

- Our shield wings are installed with tamper-proof screws that are recessed in the shield so that no one can remove the wings by cutting off the screw head. 

- Our shield is thick enough to act as a skid plate and protect your vehicle from rocks and debris. 

Our Fitment Commitment:

There are hundreds of variations of Tundras and Sequoias that this product may fit. While we do our best to test and verify every model, it is impossible to know for sure. We guarantee that if our shield does not fit (and you purchased the right shield for your vehicle), we will give a full refund and return shipping on the product. If you ever have any issue, take a picture of it, contact us, and we will do our best to help you out. 


- If there are any lift kit modifications made to the cross member of your vehicle, our Cat Shield may not be compatible. Please send a photo to to confirm fitment.

REQUIRED TOOLS FOR INSTALLATION. Rivet Nut Tool with M6 Mandrel/Head, 1/4" bit driver, 12mm open wrench. Installation Guide

*Professional installation recommended.

Product may come with surface imperfections. 


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Warranty Information

We have a 90 day manufacturers warranty against defects from the manufacturing process. This covers issues that prevent the proper installation or performance of the product. 

Cosmetic imperfections that occur either from the manufacturing or shipping process are not covered. We do not manufacture a cosmetic product or ones designed for show. Any undercar product will quickly have scratches and scuffs due to the location of the product and proximity to the road. Click here to find out more about the manufacturing process and what you might expect from your product.

We do NOT guarantee our product against theft. Cat Shields are a deterrence device that is meant to discourage theft and/or make it more difficult for thieves to steal your converter. Given the right tools, technique or time, a thief can still take your converter. However, by having a shield, you are significantly increasing your protection against theft. Similar to a car or home alarm, you are making thieves second guess themselves and consider moving onto another target. Deterrence works and we have countless customer accounts and video evidence that converter theft stopped (for those with repeated theft) or thieves looked and moved on to other vehicles. 


There is a 30 day return policy window for unused products. Please visit this link for more information.

*We do ask that customers carefully make their purchases and reduce the possibility of returns as much as possible. Help us reduce the carbon footprint of these shields as they are large and expensive to ship.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
G. B.
Great Product for 2017 Tundra

The Cat Shield is a well made product that fits like a glove in my 2017 Tundra. What I really like is that it doesn't require any additional holes to be drilled in the frame for proper installation, and the recessed bolts are flush with the shield so they can't be cut off. It was delivered with good quality bolts and is very easy to install. It's a one person job if you use a clamp to hold the front of the shield in place as you loosely bolt in the rear. Then go back to the front and loosely install the hardware before you position the shield and tighten the back and then the front. I also used Loctite on all the bolts. Piece of cake.

I received great service and found the staff easily accessible and great to talk to. But, I had to give them four stars as I believe there could be some improvements.

1. The RIV Nut Tool is the perfect size to install the rivet nuts in the cross member without raising the transmission but, it's over priced.
2. Venting is necessary but the design of the vents provides a starting or entry point for a Sawzall blade. If the design was changed to additional but smaller vents that are smaller than a Sawzall blade, then it would be very difficult to start cutting the shield.
3. The rear of the main shield has two recessed and two button bolts to secure it in place. If you add the Rear Shield Add-on V2, then two of the recessed bolts are replaced with button bolts. If all four are cut off, then both add-on shields can be removed or, cut off two bolts and bend down each shield and cut out the two rear cats. I would like to see recessed bolts used for the rear shields.
4. In regards to number 3 above, the Rear Shield Add-on V2 should be the same 3/16" thickness as the main shield to make it more difficult to cut and/or bend out of the way. The fabrication of 3/16" thick add-on shields should not be a problem in light of the fabrication performed on the 3/16" main shield. I would pay the extra cost for thicker rear shields with recessed bolts.

I would recommend the Cat Shield to anyone looking to purchase extra protection for their vehicle. Thank you.

Thick material, superb machining, easy install

Thank you for an incredible product! I hate we have to buy these add-ons but I could not be happier.

I installed the front and rear add-on this weekend onto my 2011 Toyota Tundra 2WD. Not only is the quality superb, but the installation couldn’t have been any easier. The boxes were well-packed, they included the instruction sheets and best of all, EVERY single item in the parts list was included. It’s sad we have to call that out, but these days missing parts have become all too common. You guys nailed that, even down to including separate heavy duty plastic bags.

The biggest point I’d like to add is that the machine shop you use should be commended on a fantastic build end-to-end. The pre-threaded parts were all SPOT ON, not one hole off-center, not one bolt thread misaligned, not a single nut or rivet fell short of perfection. I literally screwed in the parts with my hands to just feel how the threads aligned and not once was I left feeling aggravated with the alignment. How can that even be?

I’ll close with the quality. The thickness of the sheet metal could not have been more perfect. I’d looked at other kits with their 1/6” thickness, but wow, those must be terribly under-performing. I’ll add a review on your site, and I can not wait to do a Youtube video on this thing. It’s unfortunate I didn’t make a video during the install, but I had a couple self-inflicted ****-ups that I’ll be happy to talk through. And I won't be taking it off to re-do the video, ha.

The picture on step 3 caused me a small problem since I only had black/white pictures. You guys could consider drawing a yellow line around that add-on in step 3 D (the add-on shield under driver's side). It's easier to see in the color photos online, but it was very hard to see in the black/white printouts. I also could have also read more ahead on the rear shield installations to understand we’d re-use the bolts into the rivet the rear cross-bar screws (albeit the longer ones). In any case, those were my own issues and a video could help save someone else the time of getting too far ahead.

Thanks again, incredible product all around, I could not have been more pleased.

K Vang
Easy installation and high quality materials

High quality material and easy installment but just wish it was a bit more affordable but overall I’m very satisfied with the order.

Brandon B
High Quality - Easy Installation

I was very impressed with the quality of the Cat Shield and the included hardware. Everything aligned perfectly and I was able to use the riv nut accessory tool to install the two riv nuts required. Using a lift, I installed this in 30 minutes.

2 hands can— 4 would be better

Put shield front and back on my 21 tundra. Fits nice. No modifications needed. Install: Jacked front end up so I can work underneath. Used floor jack to hold in place after the riv nuts installed. Suggestion: buy the riv nut tool , and don’t put the main shield wings on until the primary shield is in place. You need to be able to reach the nuts for the primary install. Then install the rear shields. Again so you can put a wrench on the rear nuts. Suggest a ratcheting 1/4” wrench to tighted the driver side riv nut bolt. There is very little room for that bolt due to a shield on transfer case. It looks good installed. I think insurance companies should give a discount if the shield is installed. It saves them a lot of $