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Can you patent a Cat Shield?

17 May 2022 1 comment

At Miller CAT we do not patent our shield designs because we focus our attention on building and designing the best Cat Shields for your vehicle. Applying for a patent can take years and defending a patent is incredibly expensive and can only be done if you actually are granted a patent.

While we would love to protect our designs from copycats, we realize that a patent is unnecessary if we design shields that are beyond the capabilities of most any competitor. The beauty of having in-house manufacturing and dedicated machines for our shields is that we can make products that are more secure and functional. At Miller CAT, we are moving beyond the design of flat products (which most fabricators are only capable of) because of clear deficiencies in their inherent design. 

Why a patent is a bad idea

Not only do patents cost a lot of time and money and are difficult to enforce, it also locks you into a specific design that cannot change. There are four different types of patents (utility, provisional, design, and plant patents). The only possible patent a shield could have would be a design patent. However, if we applied for a patent on a shield and decided to redesign it, our patent application would be wasted. We've already redesigned a few our shields multiple times to improve their performance and strength. We value having the constant drive to improve our products and stay steps ahead of the thieves.

What about other companies that say they have a patent?

The truth is, you can verify if a company has a patent application or not. Simply go to the USPTO website and search for the company, product, etc. We are willing to bet that no one has a patent or even a patent application on a shield design. In most cases, companies will use the "patent pending" logo as a tactic to put fear into competitors or give customers a false sense of security that what they are buying is trustworthy. In fact, companies that use this practice are violating the law 35 U.S. Code 292 - False marking. Companies that do this can be sued for deceiving the public.

Standing above the competition

Our team is dedicated to leading the industry in converter protection devices. That is why you will see designs, features, and engineering that goes beyond whatever is out there in the market. You won't get gimmicks, false claims (like patent pending marks), or hundreds of ads on our products. We let our reputation and products speak for themselves. Which is why auto manufacturers like Toyota partner with us and makes us their authorized accessories product line for converter theft devices. 

Miller CAT is the name to trust when it comes to protecting your vehicle and restoring your freedom to drive and park your vehicle wherever you want to again.

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1 comment

31 May 2022 joseph peters

Wow, thanks for the info. I called the competition “ccm/catsecurity” who kept claiming they had a patent on their designs. Looked it up on the USPTO website… and NADA. They were trying to convince me to buy their product because of a false patent pending logo. Shame on them for lying to me.

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